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Introduction to Police Sport UK & the English Police Fly Fishing Association (EPFFA)

The Fly Fishing Section is one of three angling sections active within Police Sport UK. The sport of Fly Fishing was adopted as an official police sport by the previous governing body, the Police Athletics Association (P.A.A.), in 1983. Prior to that date it was part of the Angling Section which covered all fresh water fishing, along with the sport of Coarse Angling.

Fly fishing for trout has a lengthy and interesting history within the police service, with early records going all the way back to the sixties detailing fly fishing competitions between neighbouring forces competing against one another.

In recent years the Home Nations have formed their own Associations and now hold their own championships and events to aid team selection for International and European events.

Although England had been represented at the home Internationals since the concept of the PSUK Section, The English Police Fly Fishing Association, in its current form was not established until May 2008 when the first English event was held at Draycote.

The EPFFA warmly welcomes all PSUK members regardless of their abilities and continually looks at ways of developing and improving all aspects of the Section, events and associated activities for the members.

Stop Press ...   Stop Press ...   Stop Press ...   We are trying to determine what the demand would be for the purchase of EPFFA blazer badges - to be worn at any presentation dinners etc as part of a 'corporate' English Police (semi-formal) appearance in a similar to the other Home Nations teams. The cost of each badge would be between 20 and 25 - depending on the numbers ordered but there is usually a minimum order of 50 required - unless someone knows someone else who can it..... a) do it cheaper and.. b) a smaller minimum number!!)

Unless we get a positive response - ie about 45 expressions of interest - then it obviously wouldn't be financially viable for us to proceed with this matter any further so please respond - by email to the EPFFA Sec, if you are interested in purchasing such a badge. Your prompt responses would be appreciated and we look forward to hearing from those interested parties or from anyone who can get a better deal elsewhere.

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