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Airflo 2019 Approved Discount for EPFFA Members
To view or print the Product PDF, please click here. The email link to order is in the PDF and is:

We are trying to determine what the demand would be for the purchase of EPFFA blazer badges - to be worn at any presentation dinners etc as part of a 'corporate' English Police (semi-formal) appearance in a similar to the other Home Nations teams. The cost of each badge would be between £20 and £25 - depending on the numbers ordered but there is usually a minimum order of 50 required - unless someone knows someone else who can it..... a) do it cheaper and b) for a smaller minimum number!!)

Unless we get a positive response - ie about 45 expressions of interest - then it obviously wouldn't be financially viable for us to proceed with this matter any further so please respond - by email to the EPFFA Sec, if you are interested in purchasing such a badge. Your prompt responses would be appreciated and we look forward to hearing from those interested parties or from anyone who can get a better deal elsewhere.